The danger in thinking the law of attraction is not REAL

For most of us see is believing and until we see with our own eyes we tend to be a little skeptical of the idea that what we think we create and that very thought was my most valuable lesson. The type of person I am I decided to put the law of attraction to the test and see if it worked just as everybody proclaimed….BAD IDEA if you decide to this without good intentions. As a recovering addict I thought I would be clever (not so clever really) to meditate myself back into my addiction with the most outrageous outcomes.


I got every last detail down to my vehicle getting stolen and federal law enforcement knocking on my door looking for people I had manifested into my bad idea!


That was super wreckless on my part, but the damage was done now I had to get myself back to where I was before my genius idea got me locked up or dead! So I began meditating and practicing my affirmations and acting as if I had already escaped my nightmare.

Two weeks later I am clean and have dissolved every bad idea I had created and never will test the law of attraction in that manner again….EVER!!!



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